Monkey see, Monkey do (heileen) wrote in gamblingduchess,
Monkey see, Monkey do


Several things :
_ Two new stills

_ three little videos, if have not already seen them. they can be found here, at There is two featurettes (with costumes) and one scene of the movie (in bed with grey, no costume)
BEWARE, the video format is *.flv. It will not play directly. you have to download it. It may be labelled *.flv.txt. remov the .txt and it should work (if you have the good player. I use VLC, but it can be really instable. at your own risks)

_ The Duchess section of the costumersguide has been considerably updated, with all the new stills and screecaptures of the site. Good job padawansguide !

I will just had one or two things to that : I came to think that some costumes have been used twice. The chemise dress, for example is seen in that three scenes (two in fact : the last two are the same scene, different action) :

The cream gown, in two scenes. Watch carrefully, it's the same stripy pattern :

The victory dress which is also seen wear with a cream pierrot jacket (which seem to be made on the same pattern). Same skirt, same hat :

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