Monkey see, Monkey do (heileen) wrote in gamblingduchess,
Monkey see, Monkey do

Amanda Foreman's articles (+ Vogue)

Amanda Foreman, the author of the biography on which the film is based, went to the filming and wrote a personnal account of it. There are tiny pictures of what seem to be the stripes dress (when she's wandring outside with Bess and the kids).

Also, I would really like it if someone could scan the article she wrote for Vogue about the movie adaptation. Not the following article by Lucy Moore.

(I'm sorry, I forget to note on which keira knightley site I downloaded this article.)

I'm talking of the article from which this excerpt is quoted (via The Duchess of Devonshire Gossip Guide)

"What did incense me, however, was the script's seeming obsession with making Georgiana appear like Paris Hilton: spoiled, self-promoting, and cretinously stupid...A few months later another version arrived. This time, Georgiana had graduated from Paris, the showoff Party Girl, to Britney, the Bodice-Ripping Boozer whose downward spiral had the whiff of tragicomedy."
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