Monkey see, Monkey do (heileen) wrote in gamblingduchess,
Monkey see, Monkey do

"Please put out Her Grace's hair."

The last still in date : I really like it, and it's a new dress :)

Don't forget to look at the for the bazillions of new stills out since the last time I post.

There are and handfull of reviews out :
Scotland on sunday,
Entertainment Wise,
Time out,
Channel 4,
Future Movies,
Sunday Times (critical and interesting),
The Telegraph (Keira s too thin for you to listen to her lines... huh ?),
The guardian ("All of it murmurs "England", and the whole thing is so excessively English that I half-expected the usherette to check my National Trust membership card at any moment."),
Timesonline(butcher criticism at his funniest : "Facing Fiennes, the junior cast, like lambs to the slaughter, go to pieces. Knightley gives great profile (just as she gave great close-up in Edge of Love); Dominic Cooper plays her lover, Charles Grey, as a one-note automaton; while Haley Atwell’s strumpet Bess is wonderful at saucy stares but struggles with the spoken word. In short, Fiennes: 4, Kids: Nil.").

And last, there are videos : scenes from the movie :

and the last one, "Empress of Fashion" is available on the page of the npr review
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